8 Characteristics of MDU

1. Rich natural environment

Our vast campus spans across an area of 240,000 ㎡, and is home to a diverse ecosystem of trees and flowers that enable us to fully enjoy each of the four seasons. A spacious and serene environment nurtures the soul and provides a comfortable space in which students will spend 6 years.

2. Advanced equipment and facilities

MDU is very proud of the tools we offer to our students to enhance their learning experience. Student lounges and private study rooms are available at any time of the day; several courses can be reviewed through e-learning materials; students can now use the most advanced digital microscopes; and technical guidance given by professors in practical lectures are now provided through individual display monitors provided to each student.

3. Strong support for both academic and private life in Japan

All rooms at the student dorms are single rooms fully furnished to suppor and satisfy their every need. Housekeeping services are also provided so students can place their undivided attention to their studies. There is a cafeteria as well as a French restaurant and a Chinese restaurant on campus, providing our students and visitors with various healthy diet options.

4. Rigorous educational system that prioritizes the student

Students of every cohort complete weekly tests so that their instructors can assess their level of understanding. Lessons and lectures are then designed and adapted to match each students' level of progress. There are only 4 students per every instructor at MDU to allow our students to enjoy personalized educational support and guidance. Students, guradians, and teachers also regularly meet every year to check up on progress and address any issues.

5. State-of-the-art Hospital

A new hospital was built on campus and opened in 2008 to respond to the diverse medical needs of the dental community. Specialized outpatient clinics (e.g., the implant center, sports dentistry, cosmetic dentistry), medical departments (e.g., internal medicine, ophthalmology, pediatrics), research labs, and clinical training rooms provide the necessary specialized environment for a comprehensive practical education.

6. Top-level scientific and clinical research

MDU boasts one of the highest adoption rates of research projects funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) among dental universities. MDU is particularly proud of its achievements in hard tissue research led by the Institute for Oral Science, including a collaborative research partnership established with the Harvard Stem Cell Institute in 2008.

7. Postgraduate training

Research seminars and training workshops are available to ensure our graduates stay up to date with the rapidly evolving frontier of dental science.

8. Graduate School

Our graduate school conducts a wide range of research within 3 disciplines (Hard Tissue Research, Oral & Maxillofacial Biology, and Oral Health Promotion) and offers a 4-year PhD program. Lectures are provided in English for international students. Refer to the graduate school application guidelines for more details.